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A tragic accident has left four Texas siblings without parents and a family struggling to figure out how to make ends meet.

Harold “Wayne” Griffin and his common-law wife Jessica Vitello were traveling with three of their four children last week when they hit a slick spot, reports. The car ran off the road and hit a tree killing the 38 and 34-year-old parents. 

Their three children, Connor 4, Tyler 6, Makayla 13, were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. A friend of Makayla’s who was also traveling in the car was also taken to the hospital.

Tyler reportedly crawled out of the truck and hid behind a tree and “he saw his dad decapitated,” Samantha Sublett, a niece of the victims told

The children’s grandparents are now left to raise the children. “We’re just telling Connor about heaven and God and how his mom went up there,” Sublett told the website.

Jessica’s 17-year-old son Frank, from a different marriage, was the only member of the family not in the car. “The day that it happened an hour before the accident, something popped in my head to call her but I never jumped on that,” Frank told

The victims’ family members are now turning to the public for support accepting donations of food, clothes, books and games.

“I have to focus more on my sister and brothers now to make sure they grow up okay and help out my grandparents if they need it,” Frank told the website.

“They just got the news that they were getting four more kids and they weren’t ready for that. My grandpa is the only one working,” Sublett said. 

“Who knows how much the hospital bills are going to be because they’ve been in there maybe a week, so we just really need some help with the money and anything will help at all,” she said.

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