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>>> and one of the most powerful cuban dissident voices for human rights as died. he and three others were killed in a car accident yesterday under what paya ‘s family says were suspicious circumstances. the car they were driving in was reportedly repeatedly rammed by another vehicle until it was sent careening over the side of a cliff. his widow and sons are returning for his body to be returned home. i sad down with paya in 2002 and he spoke of death threats to him and his family.

>> translator: i can give you many examples of specific threats and activities against me and my family. for example, the day before leaving for europe, the security of the state locked my door from the outside with a cable in order not to allow us to get out. a few weeks before, they put red paint on to the door to present it as if it was blood and of course this has been frightening all my family, my wife and my three kids.

>> paya was twice nominated for the nobel peace prize . the white house said today that the president e’s thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends calling him a tireless champion for greater civic and human rights in cuba . he was 60 years old.

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