Police: Man Deliberately Walks Into Car To Fake Accident

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71-Year-Old Was Backing Up In A Walmart Parking Lot When She Hit Man

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — Villa Rica police said a man intentionally walked into a car as the driver was backing up.

Police arrested James Burton after the incident.

Police said all the proof is in the surveillance video. Burton walked up to the back of a white minivan as it’s backing up, leans into the rear, gets hit, then falls to his knees and slowly keels over to the ground, police said.

“I put the car in gear and the tires just started to back up and I hear a God-awful thump,” said 71-year-old Katherine Sobers.

Sobers said that’s when her daughter jumped out to investigate.

“She jumps out and says, ‘Mom that’s a person not a car or can,’” said Sobers.

“The video showed clearly he was watching these woman. They were walking to the car. He actually set himself up in the blind spot and walked backwards,” said Capt. Keith Shaddix, of the Villa Rica Police Department.

Burton was rushed to the hospital complaining of pain in his rib cage and hip. Sobers’ daughter Emma Gilliam sensed something wasn’t right.

“By the time the officer showed up, he was holding his shoulder and then hip. It was silly,” said Gilliam.

Police said several witnesses told officers Burton backed into the car himself.

“If I was going just a little bit faster I would of rolled over them man. I haven’t even caused a wreck. Did he pick on me because I’m old? It’s a horrifying experience,” said Sobers.

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