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Wed Aug 1, 2012 3:59pm EDT

Singer-guitarist Peter Frampton was hurt in a car accident on a Southern California highway, and claims a driver sending text messages was at fault.

Frampton says he suffers some neck and back pain and plans on visiting the ER.

After the accident, Frampton took to Twitter and blamed the collision on another driver. The 62-year-old rocker says he was sitting in stationary traffic on the highway when a “texting woman driver” ran into the back of him. In his tweet, Frampton suggests he may have suffered whiplash, reports CBS.

California is one of many states that has specifically banned texting while driving. The ban covers not only writing text messages, which allegedly led to Peter Frampton’s car accident, but reading text messages as well. Also, the law makes it illegal to engage in other activities on a smartphone like writing and reading email messages and web browsing.

While the penalties for driving while texting are not that severe in California — typically a $ 20 to $ 50 fine, plus state and local penalties that can add up to more than $ 100 — the driver could face more significant liability in a lawsuit, such as when the distracted driver causes an accident.

In Peter Frampton’s case, he claims that the texting woman caused the accident. Generally, liability for a car accident is similar to any other negligence claim, meaning that the driver who was at fault in causing the accident would be responsible for damages. If it can be shown that the woman was in fact texting as she drove, it would seem likely that she was responsible for the accident.

If you have been involved in a situation similar to Peter Frampton’s car accident, you may want to contact a car accident attorney to learn about your rights and liabilities. Distracted driving laws differ in every state, and you will want an experienced attorney familiar with these laws.

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