Officer Hits Fleeing Suspect With Car

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ATLANTA — Neighbors in one Atlanta neighborhood voiced their concerns Monday night after they said a police chase occurred too close to where children were playing.

Residents told Channel 2 Action News that an officer chased a suspect between buildings at the Brandywine Condos on Mt. Zion Road. Neighbors said the officer drove over sidewalks as children played nearby.

“He came around this corner at a rate that would kill one of these little people instantly,” said resident Aleph Gray.

The police cruiser hit the suspect, who was on foot, knocking him to the ground, Atlanta police said. The suspect was checked out at Grady Memorial Hospital, but was expected to be OK, police said.

Police Chief George Turner went to the neighborhood and promised an investigation.

“We were chasing a very violent individual, as I understand it, but we’ll go through the investigation and determine what we did and why we were able to do it,” said Turner.

Officers said the suspect was wanted on a weapons charge.

Police said the suspect threw drugs out a window when he saw officers.

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