Men Involved In Crash, Shooting On I-285 Claim Self-Defense

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FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — The two men at the center of a road rage incident that led to shots being fired during the morning rush hour on Monday appeared in court on Tuesday.Police said Bobby Smith and Mikos Wright were playing cat-and-mouse on I-285.

After the two vehicles crashed, police said Smith started shooting.Channel 2 Action News reporter Kerry Kavanaugh was in the courtroom on Tuesday when both men claimed they had no choice but to act and react the way they did.

Smith and Wright were both in the courtroom on Tuesday. Police said they are both facing numerous charges including aggravated assault, reckless conduct and reckless driving.Smith is a government employee and Wright is said to be studying to be a firefighter and EMT.

According to the police reports, they each claim they were acting in self-defense. Wright said he used his pickup truck to defend himself and Smith used a handgun.In court Tuesday, the judge revealed a contradiction in witness statements.

“You have one witness who says he was shooting at the person as they were fleeing and the other saying that he was shooting at him while he was trying to run him down.

One is an act of self-defense, the other is clearly aggravated assault,” said Judge Roy Roberts.Family was present for both men on Tuesday, but neither side wanted to comment.Judge set bail for both men. They will both be back in court on Dec. 7.

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