Memorial Fund Started For Georgia Family Killed In NC Car Crash

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BUFORD, Ga. — The accident happened during tropical storm Nicole. Daniel Alvarez, his wife, Natalie Owens, and their three children died when their SUV left the road and tumbled into a ditch filled with water.

“A lot of things happen on a daily basis, but a whole family getting taken out and for something like this to happen is just overwhelming,” Quintin Alvarez, Daniel’s brother said.

Quintin tried pulling all five out of the ditch, but he was too late to save them.The scars of that day weigh heavily on his mind. It’s something he did not want to talk about on Wednesday.

He did want to talk about the Daniel Alvarez Memorial Fund through the Beulah Foundation, an organization that helps people and families struggling with addiction. The non-profit organization will use the funds to help establish a transitional housing facility to help men and women renew their lives.”My brother would be very excited about this.

He helped a lot of people,” said Quintin. “I am my brother’s keeper, and I am going to make sure his name remains among us because of who he is.”For information on how you can donate, click here Beulah Foundation

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