Local siblings are recovering after accident

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Lewis and Tammy Smith don’t blame the woman who hit their children with her car Friday afternoon.

They’re just delighted to have both home safe.

“As bad as it was on our end, it could have been a lot worse,” Lewis Smith said of the accident. “I really think I would not have wanted to be on her end of it. I would hate to think that I hit somebody’s kids and could have killed them.”

John Daniel Dean, 19, and Callee Smith, 12, had just stepped off the school bus at their home on Washington Road in Thomson. Dean tried to push Callee out of the way, but both were hit.

April Guin, 26, of Tignall, Ga., was headed home from her job as a school paraprofessional when she glanced down at her cell phone to check the time. When she looked up, the bus had stopped.

Guin swerved to the right to avoid hitting another vehicle , but hit Dean and Callee instead.

Georgia State Patrol Trooper First Class Rich Fishel said he checked her cell phone at the scene, but found only a call made to 911.

Guin is charged with driving while distracted by a communications device and failing to stop for a school bus.

When Tammy Smith heard the crash, she ran out and found Callee unresponsive and lying in the ditch on an ant bed.

She was airlifted to Medical College of Georgia Hospital and treated for a concussion. She was released Sunday.

Dean, whose leg was broken, had a rod placed in his leg Saturday and was released Monday. Now he’s resting in preparation for his high school graduation in May.

“They’re both doing great,” Tammy Smith said. “I’m tickled to death.”

The Smiths said the same might not be said for Guin.

Lewis Smith said friends and family of Guin said she was having trouble coping with the accident and wouldn’t leave home.

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