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Police say a gun belonging to a flight attendant was accidentally fired inside Philadelphia International Airport on Sunday morning. A female flight attendant trying to pass through security was detained when a handgun was discovered in her handbag. The woman and her gun were detained and the TSA called police. The officer handling the gun accidentally discharged the weapon one time. The bullet struck the floor. No one was injured. The weapon was legal and the flight attendant did have a permit to carry it. The woman was issued a ticket and released.

Two people are confirmed dead after a two-car accident at Broad and Allegheny Streets in North Philadelphia on Sunday evening.
Police say the accident happened around 8:45 p.m. when a vehicle heading east along Allegheny Street was broadsided by second vehicle which had run a red light, ramming the first vehicle into a light pole. Emergency officials responded to the scene of the accident where they found two people trapped inside the eastbound vehicle. Both victims were removed from the vehicle. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The passenger was transported to Temple Hospital and later pronounced dead. Police say the driver of the second vehicle, who ran the red light, suffered minor scrapes and bruises.

An admitted murderer, Marc Draper, will be back on the witness stand Monday for a life or death hearing. He’s the key witness as the defense fights for a stay of execution for death row inmate Terrance Williams, his co-conspirator in a 1980′s murder. Williams was convicted of the horrific murder of Amos Norwood in 1984. The victim was beaten and stabbed 20 times. A butcher knife was found embedded in his neck. Draper helped put Williams on death row and the defense now contends his testimony should save Williams’ life. Draper has changed his story. An admitted co-conspirator in the murder of Norwood, Draper cooperated with authorities and testified at the trial the motive was robbery. Draper now alleges, however, he was told to lie to adopt the robbery motive, although he told authorities at the time the murder was actually linked to an abusive homosexual relationship between the 56-year-old Norwood and the teenaged Williams. But the trial prosecutor testified last week Draper is lying, saying he never offered another motive back then. The prosecutor says it is a complete fabrication. Draper was sentenced to life in prison.


Eagles 6 Cardinals 27

Phillies 1 Braves 2


Sunny. High 68 in Philadelphia.

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