Gastonia Woman Killed In Georgia Hit-And-Run

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GASTONIA, N.C. — What looks like a tragic case of road rage has a family from Clover, S.C., brokenhearted and angry.

Jean Leonard, 63, was on her way back from Daytona Beach with her daughter and grandson Sunday when a car rammed their SUV from behind several times and they lost control.

“The third time (the driver) hit her she got sideways and the rear-end of the vehicle raised up and started rolling," said Leonard’s son, Troy Rowe, who was right in front of her when the accident happened.

Leonard was killed instantly. Her 43-year-old daughter, Cindy Bolch, was thrown from the SUV and seriously injured. Leonard’s 8-year-old grandson was also thrown from the car but only had cuts and bruises.

The driver of the other car, a white Toyota sedan with New York plates, did not stop and Georgia State Police said they are still looking for it.

Leonard’s family is looking for answers.

"Whoever this person was rammed the back of the vehicle several times, saw it roll (and) saw there was a family in that vehicle," Leonard’s sister, Jane Strang, said Tuesday.

She said she hopes the person responsible for the accident will do the right thing and come forward and call state police.

"My sister’s dead because of someone getting angry on the highway. Maybe they weren’t going fast enough," Stang said.

She added: “I know a mom, a sister, a grandma isn’t going to be around for the rest of these kids’ life, and that’s what hurts me. I hope and pray that this person who did this has enough conscience to come forward and say, ‘I messed up.’”


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