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Celebrity death hoaxes have swarmed the internet for years, and in great amounts this year. For some reason, the rumors have spilled over into the world of sports and this time they involve Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. A report from the Global Associated News on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 states that Vick broke both of his legs in a car accident.

So far, there is no merit in this news and there has been no confirmation from any viable news source.

GAN reports that a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Highway Safety Authority actually confirmed the report of Vick having both legs broken in a “traffic altercation.” He was reportedly transported to a local hospital in Philadelphia for treatment.

It said that “both of his legs were visibly broken” in the collision including Vick in a 2012 BMW and a 76-year-old female in a 2010 Audi.

There have been no confirmations of this report from the Philadelphia Eagles or NFL. There has also been no word of this news from such sports outlets as ESPN, NFL Network, or anyone else.

The report says that “additional details and information” will come on the developing story, but hours have passed and there has been no update.

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