Durham church offers prayers for neighboring church members hurt in van crash

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The congregation of a neighboring Durham church offers prayers for those from the Miracle Temple Church who were involved in a serious van crash Sunday.

“They were on their way to Florida when they had an accident,” said Pastor Annie Woody of the Jesus’ Word Church, which is just a few doors down the street from the Miracle Temple Church.

The accident happened in Port Wentworth near Savannah shortly before noon, July 10th just south of the Ga. 21 overpass.

 “A tire blew out, they lost control of the car and it turned over several times,” Woody said.

The van’s occupants included the church’s associate pastor Leon Jones, his wife Robin and several other family members.

Police said nine people were taken to the hospital including a number who were thrown from the van.

“It touched our hearts,” explained Woody. “We were very concerned; we hope everyone is fine and we are praying for them,” she said.

Pastor Woody says the Miracle Temple church is more than just a neighboring religious institution.

She says the two churches often conduct joint efforts.

“We fellowship with them and enjoy it,” Woody said.

As a result, she has grown close to Leon Jones and his wife.

“Leon Jones is a very good minister,” she stated. “He always makes us laugh when he’s presiding and his wife’s hospitality is so nice. We go there and minister from time to time and they come to our church and minister.”

She said when word of the accident reached her, she immediately thought of asking God to help the stricken family.

“Today at our 1 o’clock prayer session, we asked our congregation to pray for all involved,” Wood said.

Woody adds, a relative of the Jones family has updated her on the family’s condition.

“She told me everybody was going to have surgery,” said Woody. “Everybody was hurt, but hopefully it will all work out.”

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