Caroline Kennedy sued for car accident, plaintiff asks $25k damages –

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Rose Schlossberg, the daughter of Caroline Kennedy, and granddaughter of late-U.S. President John F. Kennedy was involved in a car accident in August which led to her mother being sued for $ 25,000 in damages.

The accident took place on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles nearly three months ago, but the wheels of justice move slowly. By all accounts Schlossberg, 24, was certainly responsible for the accident. Caroline Kennedy was not involved in the crash, but was named to the lawsuit merely because she is the owner of the vehicle.

The victim, whose name is unknown, says that Schlossberg smashed her Chevy Impala into his Honda Civic, totaling it. reports that the victim’s lawyer, who is also not named, says that the lawsuit has been unofficially settled and that they will, “take action to have the case dismissed ASAP.”

Money makes the world go around.

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