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MILLARD (KPTM) – A car accident that left a 13-year-old boy dead brings up an issue with parents whose kids attend the same school as he did—dangerous intersections.

They fear kids crossing streets that intersect with Harrison Street near Harry Andersen Middle School in Millard are vulnerable.

A major complaint is that there are no sidewalks on Harrison leading up to 144th Street where last Friday’s accident happened.

On 156th Street and Harrison they complain there are too many impatient drivers.

“No body is watching the kids. So when I go down there I try to let them go across the street,” says Jan Wittmuss who picks up her grandchildren from Andersen.

“You see cars go around the stop light everyday,” says Santi Rigatuso who says he never lets his kids walk home from school. “You see them go around each other on the curb into the grass; it’s frightening.”

They don’t know who can, but parents want somebody to fix this problem.

“Guards or something. Maybe a police officer could stop and do that before school starts,” says Brenda Chamberlin.

“They need to widen the street and they need to take away the turns,” says Rigatuso.

Parents also want the city to build a walkover bridge so students can cross streets without interfering with traffic.

“Children will use what’s available to them,” says Barb Swartz. “If they’re taught to use that walk over bridge versus going on the intersection they will do so.”

Millard Public School officials say any issues parents have with intersections need to be taken up with the city.

It’s still too early to know whether the city will consider making any improvements.

Until then, parents complaining, Swartz says, can be apart of the solution also by communicating.

“Whatever parents deem as necessary,” Swartz continues. “As long as the children know the safety rules of crossing busy intersections.”

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