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Ben Affleck hit a parked car and left a note for the owner. The actor was driving in Santa Monica on October 6 and he accidentally knocked the mirror off of a parked car, this according to E! News. Like a good citizen, Ben left a note, offering to pay for all of the damages.

“Hi, knocked off your mirror! Very sorry! Will cover everything—Ben (sic),” he wrote, along with a way to contact him. Obviously paying for a broken mirror is no issue for Ben, but it must have been pretty neat for the owner to see the note from a celebrity. Perhaps all of the angry feelings upon seeing the broken mirror will be lifted once they see that Affleck was the culprit.

Ben Affleck and parked cars probably don’t come in contact with one another often. However, it does seem that celebrities have a hard time staying away from parked cars in general. Lindsay Lohan has hit a parked car once or twice over the course of a couple of years—and it seems as though a lot of minor bumps in Hollywood involved immobile vehicles.

Naturally the most important thing is that no one was hurt. As with any accident, most would agree that material things are easily replaced. Hopefully the owner of the car will reach out to Ben and get their mirror fixed without any hassle.

Ben Affleck will likely try to avoid parked cars in the future.

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