BBB Tips for Safe Driving Over Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day is approaching and drivers are urged to take precautions to prevent accidents.

Traffic accidents in Georgia during the 2010 Labor Day period claimed the lives of 14 people, according to statistics from the reporting unit at the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The National Safety Council estimates that 400 traffic fatalities will occur over the holiday weekend, and another 38,800 medically consulted injuries will be sustained from motor vehicle collisions.

The Better Business Bureau has tips to help make travel as safe for you as possible:

• Be well rested
• Make sure everyone is properly buckled up. This applies to every person in the car.

Remember that extra Georgia State Troopers will be looking out for people not wearing seat belts, and people who do not properly restrain children.

• Don’t tailgate and keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you.
• Don’t drink and drive or text on your phone.

BBB has a free app for iPhones on iTunes just look for BBBsearch.

If AAA customers have too much to drink they can take advantage of Tow to Go.

Consumers simply call 1-800-AAA-HELP during Labor Day weekend and a tow truck will take the driver and car home.

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