Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer – Why You Need One.

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Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer

After you have been injured in a serious Atlanta car wreck, the last thing you want to think about it hiring an lawyer. As experienced injury lawyers, we often interview potential clients who are hesitant to hire a lawyer. Many times they are not comfortable paying a percentage of their recovery to the lawyer. Our law firm believes there are several benefits that are immediately obtained when you hire an Atlanta injury lawyer after a serious car accident.
First, hiring a qualified attorney means that you no longer have to deal with any insurance companies or their lawyers who may be handling your claim. This includes not only your own insurance company but also the company that provided insurance to the other driver. We find that many of our clients have difficulty dealing even with their own insurance company. It is difficult to tell if your own insurance company is truly trying to assist you after an automobile accident or if it is simply protecting itself. When you hire an attorney you no longer need to deal with either your insurance company or any other company involved in the accident.
In Louisiana, lawyers are allowed to pay for appropriate medical treatment for injured clients. When you hire a law firm to handle your claim after a serious accident most law firms will assist you in obtaining medical testing and treatment. Our law firm truly believes that an injured client simply cannot prove their case in court until they have had proper medical treatment. Hiring an attorney allows you to obtain necessary medical treatment so that you can fully evaluate your claim.
A final benefit that comes from hiring an injury lawyer to handle your claim relates to the knowledge and expertise which you will receive in determining the value of your claim. An experienced lawyer can immediately assist you in deciding how much your claim may be worth. Without the help of a good lawyer who has handled many accident cases in the past, it is almost impossible to decide how much you should receive for your claim.
Rather than viewing your attorney as an adversary and someone to whom you must pay a portion of your settlement, you should view your accident lawyer as a consultant or expert that you hire to assist you with a very serious issue in your life. Even attorneys hire experts including tax accountants and computer consultants. If an attorney is smart enough to know that it pays to obtain an expert opinion in regards to very specialized issues, certainly you should recognize that an attorney can add value to your claim. And, the fact that your attorney is mostly likely paid a percentage of the recovery means that he is a “partner” with you and has every reason to maximize your recovery since he will receive more money for his services.

Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer

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