Georgia Trucking Accident Lawyer

Georgia Trucking accidents frequently cause more severe injuries than automobile accidents and often result from driver fatigue. Tractor trailors are highly regulated and governed by specific laws related to driver qualifications and rest periods. Further, most tractor trailers have higher insurance limits than automobiles, with insurance limits typically over $500,000.

Many modern trucks have computers built into the vehicle which record data about the vehicle, including its speed at the time an accident occurs. We are able to retrieve that data and use accident reconstructionists to determine how an accident occurred.
In cases of extremely severe injuries, we have pursued the assets of trucking companies and/or their individual owners where the available insurance was not adequate to compensate the injured persons.

Holding Georgia Truck Drivers Trucking Companies Accountable for Georgia Trucking Accidents

Because truck operators work long hours, oftentimes they are pressured to complete their route by any necessary means. This results in negligence behind the wheel. Drivers are required to obey federal laws involving time on the road, they also have to take breaks and their loads. Federal and state laws protects automobile drivers and holds trucking companies liable for driver negligence.

Atlanta Trucking Accident Attorneys

At Jonathan Johnson LLC, we represent Georgia and metro Atlanta residents who have been injured in trucking accidents. We handle all truck accident cases on a contingency basis. We offer FREE consultations. We focus on creating your case to get the money you deserver.

We handle all types of Georgia truck accident claims, including:

• Lack of Reflectors and Poor Visibility
• Aggressive Driving or Improper Lane Change
• Rear-End, Head-On Crashes and Jackknives
• Dangerous Roads
• Poor Maintenance, including Tires and Brakes
• DWI / Drug Use
• Driver Fatigue
• Unsecured Loads or Unsecured Cargo