Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

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Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Knowing the proper procedure when involved in an automobile collision is important. Before calling an Atlanta car accident lawyer it is vital that a few steps are taken to insure that you have all the information needed to help prove your case. By understanding the process and how it works, an individual can competently deal with an unfortunate incident.

The most important thing to remember is to stay at the scene of the wreck. Leaving before all appropriate steps are taken, especially where someone is seriously injured, can lead to criminal charges. However, in a secluded or deserted area, one should be cautious before exiting the vehicle. The safest thing to do is to drive to the nearest police station and report the situation.

Next, and before checking the damage to vehicles, an individual should ensure that all occupants are uninjured and safe. If anyone is hurt, call for medical assistance immediately. If they complain of neck or back injury, do not try to move them. Leave this to the paramedics as it could further injure them if improperly relocated.

If the wreck involves major damage, serious injury or death, the police should be called to the scene. Make sure that a report is filed with all pertinent information included. Another wise thing to do is to get the names and badge numbers of all the reporting officers. This can help in later investigations by an attorney.

Exchange information with anyone else involved in the wreck. Be sure to obtain names, phone and license numbers as well as insurance information from all the drivers. Get names and contact information from any passengers. Try to remain as friendly as possible when dealing with the other people involved, but never apologize for anything at the scene.

Before calling an Atlanta car accident lawyer it is a good idea to stick to these basic rules. This will help the attorney when they begin their investigation. Following these guidelines closely can make an unfortunate wreck easier to deal with and less stressful.

Soon after an accident, many people realize submitting an automobile insurance claim can help retrieve compensation under the policy. Because car accident insurance plans is often complicated, make sure you see the terms of your policy as best as you can so that if a car accident happens the fitting actions can be done. If filing a vehicle accident insurance claim, comprehensive info has to be granted to the company. Obtaining the names and contact information of any potential witnesses can really help back up testimonies otherwise in question. The insured should be able to properly document important aspects of the car accident that can greatly impact the claim. A common error that people make after being involved in major accidents is prematurely negotiating with insurance firms.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer